The SYNERGY project is organized into four scientific work packages.

Work Package 1: Definition of core variables and
establishment of a common epidemiological database

  • Creation of study protocol
  • Creation of coding manual based on a selection of core variables
  • Recoding of occupational histories to ISCO 1968 and ISIC Rev. 2
  • Data Quality control
  • Pooling of data at IARC, Lyon

Work Package 2: Exposure assessment

  • Create a protocol for the data entry in the exposure database EXPO-SYN
  • Assemble quantitative exposure data from different databases in EXPO-SYN
  • Develop a quantitative job-exposure matrix (SYN-JEM) by country, job and time, with links to ISCO 1968 and ISIC Rev. 2

Work Package 3: Statistical analyses

  • Application of the SYN-JEM to the pooled data
  • Descriptive analysis of distribution of jobs
  • Descriptive analysis of distribution of exposures, particularly joint exposures
  • Exposure-response relationships
  • Estimation of effect modifications
  • Estimation of the effects of smoking
  • Analysis of subgroups

Work Package 4: Administrative coordination

  • IARC conducts the administrative coordination