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The SYNERGY study group comprises European and Canadian scientists involved in research on occupational exposures and cancer. IARC, IPA and IRAS coordinate the project. IRAS is also responsible for the exposure assessment, and many more are contributing epidemiological data to the pooled SYNERGY database, or provide exposure measurements to the exposure database.

SYNERGY study group members are epidemiologists involved in lung cancer studies or scientists with expertise in exposure assessment. Cooperation with SYNERGY could take a wide range of potential forms, from simply contributing raw data to scientific involvement. A study that may not be suitable for inclusion in the core SYNERGY project could well participate in one or several sub-proposals. Members are expected to contribute to the SYNERGY project their expertise, ideas and resources, such as raw data. Membership is effective upon notification to and confirmation of acceptance by the SYNERGY study group.

Requirements for studies joining the core SYNERGY project:

  • A well-designed population or hospital-based case-control study on lung cancer
  • Lifetime tobacco history
  • Lifetime occupational history that can be coded to ISCO and ISIC
  • Occupational air measurements (personal or stationary) of asbestos, PAH, nickel, chromium and silica exposure are available and accessible in the country or region that can be linked to ISCO and ISIC.

If you would like more information on joining the SYNERGY project, please contact:

Kurt Straif, MD MPH PhD
International Agency for Research on Cancer
150 cours Albert Thomas
69372 Lyon Cedex 08, France
Tel +33 (0)472 73 85 54
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